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SBS provides SME Engineering Services, IT Instructors, and Consultants to the prime contractor for staffing shortfalls supplying the necessary expertise and skill set to ensure that the Air National Guard Cyber Training Center meets its mission requirements. Expertise we provide includes but is not limited to highly specialized IT and satellite functions, deployment, operations and maintenance. Our personnel provide quality instruction, information and instill recent tactical deployment experience to further the mission needs of the Air Force, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard.

We provide specialized training in support of the Maryland Army National Guard. This training, which is also provided to other federal and state agencies includes, Engagement Skills Trainer (five lane and ten lane model), Virtual Convoy Operations, Military Operations in Urban Terrain Sites, Beam Hit, and Laser Convoy Counter Ambush Training.


Strategic Business Systems
1106 Pinehurst Dunedin FL 34698
Fax: 727-489-7368


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